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Acquiring the corporate stock of the target company or merger partner.

Retaining the corporate entity, while facilitating the transference or acquisition of the company's stock, is the premise for a share acquisition or merger. Acquiring a company's shares presents an inherent challenge not associated with asset purchases - the fact that the bad comes along along with good, such that all the liabilities (both known and unknown) flow to the acquiring company. This presents many inherent challenges, which can be adddressed in part through the due diligence process and in the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the merger or acquisition agreement - operations from which parties will greatly benefit from the involvement of the appropriate legal counsel.

Share purchases can be exceedingly challenging and complex, especially when they are allowed to become convoluted by alternate perspectives and interpretations of the transaction's form and objectives. This can make the process and/or the results exceedingly costly, especially when legal counsel is incapable of managing and navigating the process so as to effectively achieve the client's objectives. This is a critical element that is all too frequently in short supply, unless the lawyer has the capacity to understand business and transform theory into a workable and profitable reality. 

For knowledgeable and experienced legal representation in orchestrating and completing business mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, contact share acquisition and merger lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld at 416-887-9702 / 403-400-4092 or


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Business Purchase-Sale Lawyer Christopher Neufeld is admitted to practice law in Alberta and Ontario (Canada) and New York (U.S.A.).  Christopher's legal practice focuses primarily on business law, in particular corporate commercial transactions (mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, business purchases and sales, etc.).  With operations emanating from Toronto (1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario) and Burlington (719 Catalina Crescent, Burlington, Ontario), we are in immediate proximity to businesses situated in downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Brampton, Milton, Guelph, and Kitchener Waterloo; together with southern Alberta from our Calgary location (77 Tuscany Ridge Mews NW, Calgary, Alberta). COPYRIGHT 2014.

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